Thursday, 25 October 2012


In addition to the 10 pictures we were also supposed to post our favorite picture. The water dropplets on the leaf come into focus while the edges are blurred and out of focus.


Our task for class today was to find 10  pictures all of which would fall into one of the five catagories: water, light, friends, composition, and a self chosen topic.

The first two pictures are those with a focus of bright red leaves. They both have a focus on leaves close up while making the leaves and other items further back appear blurry and out of focus. These pictures fall into the catagory of compostition because in both of the pictures there is a lot going on. There is a dramatic focus which makes the composition on the pictures quite interesting.

My third picture is that of light. This is actually a picture taken of a sink yet it is taken with no lights except for a light from a phone. With the water running, it throws the light around making the picture extremely out of focus and specs of light everywhere.

My next three pictures fall under the catagory of "friends". With these pictures I wanted to get the hair as my main focus. So my pictures turned out with the hair detailed and in focus while the rest of the body was blurry and not in focus. The room the pictures were taken in was all white which makes the color of the hair stand out from the white room and black clothing.

My next three pictures fall into the catagory of a self chosen topic, of which I chose shoes. The blue laces stand out from the white walls and floor and from the rest of the shoes which are also white and black. In all of these pictures there is one shoe that is more in focus while its pair is in the background and not as in focus. Also the shadow from the shoes are apparrent in all of the pictures as well making the pictures more interesting.

My final picture falls into the catagory of water. This picture is taken of the water at the edge of some stairs. There is a build up of leaves which can be seen floating in the picture, and the ripples in the water are quite interesting.

Thursday, 4 October 2012


These two pictures show the use of Apature. With a lower setting of apature everything in the picture is captured and in focus, yet with a higher setting the camera focuses in on something in the picture making one object clear while the other objects in the picture are blurry. In the top picture you can see the use of a  higher apature because you can see the book to the left clearly while the other books and the floor becomes blurry. In the bottom picture you can see the use of a lower apature as everything in the photo is clearly seen and not blurry.